The Lady Elizabeth Jane Alexander is the daughter of the Earl of Caledon and Baroness de Greavenitz, and was born March 1962 in Switzerland.

The Lady Jane, or Janey as she is known to her friends, was brought up at Caledon Castle, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and was educated at Lady Tryon's English boarding school, The Manor House, Durnford in Wiltshire, where she spent most of her schooldays riding ponies. The Lady Jane then went on to public school at Croft House, Shillingstone in Dorset, deep in the heart of the English countryside, where once more she rode ponies and horses.

Janey's family have always owned and bred horses. Her grandfather the Honourable Herbrand Alexander served in the 5th Lancers. He had many sporting victories on horses that he trained and rode himself, including winning the Grand Military at Punchestown.

After leaving school, Janey travelled the world and after starting a family, which includes two sons and three daughters, she established herself in her home country, Northern Ireland. She successfully developed a small equestrian yard in County Antrim. The services she offered here included foaling down and brood mare livery


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