Janey has always hunted side-saddle and whilst in County Antrim hunted with the Mid-Antrim hunt. She now hunts with the Tynan & Armagh Hunt.

She also showed her fine stock of thoroughbred mares and geldings, winning many prizes, both in the North and South of Ireland and in Scotland.


Her interest in riding side-saddle developed after sustaining an injury. Her knowledge in this art has increased over the years, as she has undertaken many workshops and equestrian events, which promote this ancient and elegant style of riding.

Due to her extensive knowledge she has a keen awareness of the needs of both the horses' and riders' spine and back muscles. As such, she has become an expert in saddle fit for both horse and rider, particularly concentrating on the even distribution of weight and balance which is essential for comfort and freedom of locomotion. Enhanced saddle-fit also whilst reduces the risk of damage to the horses spine and muscles, and promotes a safe, comfortable and elegant seat in the rider.


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