Introduction to the Client

The initial consultation with the client consists of a twenty-minute discussion where Janey ascertains the horse's previous sporting and veterinary history. She also records for her files the horse's confirmation, age, sex, breed and other relevant details. By discussing the horse's needs with the client in detail the best treatment plan can then be devised and agreed upon with the owner/trainer.

It should always be understood that sports equine massage is not a substitute for veterinary treatment and the masseuse does not and will not diagnose. Veterinary advice should always be sought prior to a consultation.

Introduction to the Horse

Prior to initiating the massage, Janey introduces herself to the horse. She does this by running her hand over the horse's neck, then allowing the horse to smell its own scent from her hands as a way of saying hello. This encourages the horse to feel relaxed and comfortable, rather in the same way that humans shake hands when greeting each other!

The range of therapies includes:-




Cupping and Hacking

Passive Stretches

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